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My obsession with programming stemmed from my love for automation, that’s why I’m a true believer in this quote:

anything that can be automated should be automated.

Basically, if I start working in a new team or company this is my starting point to keep the team's sanity and performance in check.

If you want some real-life advice on how to plan and change all this while delivering features please check my article on technical debt, it’s really possible!

Let’s dive in…

Software tracking tools (Jira, Trello…)

Technical debt: How to kill the weeds in your codebase garden!

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Imagine this: you are a developer and your project manager asks you to add some button. He (or she) will ask you: “how much time will it take?”

You know you have two possible answers: one assuming you will do it the right way and one assuming you will do it the quick ’n dirty way.

Technical debt is what builds up in your codebase when you do stuff the quick ‘n dirty way. …

As frontend developers, we usually treat node_modules as this huge magical black-box where you sacrifice mega or gigabytes of your hard disk space in the hope of getting more productive by adding random people code to yours until it work. Crazy but it actually works… until it doesn’t!

I know, it’s that meme that every node_modules related article uses -.-

This is a story about how I managed to get in and out of node_modules in one piece.

Just another normal working day, working on a bunch of features and issues and trying to be as productive as possible.

Ticket done, what's next? Oh nice, an easy one: security guys are not…

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To get to Germany (or any other European country to that matter 🤷‍♂️) you need the following: qualifications, a vacancy, a contract, and some luck!

Sounds easy? Let’s get started then!

Step 1: Qualifications

Ahmed Hassanein

A javascript addict.

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